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Sustainable Friends connects people, organizations, schools, companies and activities to help the environment. It is a non-profit space where you can find what people are doing to help the environment around the world. Here you can find support for your conservation project or provide help to others, make people aware about an environmental issue in your city or neighbourhood, share information, green living tips and ideas to inspire people committed to environment.

Sustainable Friends project
is a project of

Certification of products
from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Certification of products
from sustainable agriculture and farming

Removing the barriers between intention and action

Sustainable Friends provide a platform for people who care about environmental protection and our sustainable future to inform and inspire others and source support.

It is free to sign up, to add an initiative, and to contribute to an initiative. This is possible because contributors offer support, resources or contribute economically directly to the author.

Add your initiative or Explore initiatives, stories, corporate and educational activities on the Sustainable World Map.

Raise your voice to promote sustainable
practices and help the planet

Create & share sustainable ideas or support others around the world

Sustainable Friends allows your thoughts, tips and experiences to reach a wide number of people around the world.

In Sustainable Friends you can engage with your community, get funding for your project, share information and promote sustainable ideas to inspire people everywhere and help the environment.

News, events, articles, stories and much more

Latest news and events to improve our sustainable world

In Sustainable Friends you can stay informed about events, news, watch videos and read stories about sustainability.

Environmental educational projects that you can bring to schools

Bring sustainability into schools and help students build a healthier future for their communities and the planet

Many schools around the World think Sustainability is a key part of Education. Discover how to bring sustainability into your school and help students build a healthier future for their communities and the planet.

Sustainable brands that promote sustainability

Join the network of responsible companies operating with respect for the environment

A new approach to sustainability is emerging since consumers are more and more aware of negative impacts industries may have on the environment. Find out what companies are doing for help the environment or contact us to know how your company can join this network.

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Sustainable Friends channel is a non-stop video playlist on sustainability. Enjoy sustainability in action! Now showing

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Contributors are Friends who publish the most significant initiatives and articles about
sustainability. Sustainable Friends gives more visibility to these authors by highlighting
their initiatives on the map, news and social media.

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