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Sustainable Friends is the
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75% of our traffic comes from social sources
50% of our traffic is mobile, and growing

The Sustainable Friends

Sustainable Friends readers are Friends looking for sustainable tips advices, environment engagement, support for conservation projects, educational initiative and sustainable products. These are the potential customers you will cover:

50% are 20-50 years old

Gender 48% male / 52% female
Age 29% 18-24 years old
37% 25-54 years old
Top 5 countries USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy
Education 75% College Graduates
Type 60% people / 40% institutions


Custom Social Posts
Sustainable Friends editorial team works with contents to ensure your brand gets in front of thousands of influential hyper-sharers. Custom social posts are an authentic voice that communicates a brand’s aspirations and themes. There are various formats of content posts, sustainable market news, infographics, stories, initiatives and lists.

Branded Video
Sustainable Friends channel is a non-stop video playlist on sustainability. Your brand can participate with ads, news or corporate videos. Sustainable Friends also has a motion pictures staff that produces original video content designed for the social web. Based in Europe, Sustainable Friends Motion Pictures works with brands to create instant hits, commercials, news and corporate videos.

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