Posidonia Sustainable Friends Festival and ‪Sitges Recicl’ART in the wonderful town of Sitges

9-12 June 2016 Sitges, Spain

Posidonia Sustainable Friends Festival brings together art, culture and environment, in order to support sustainable development initiatives, share innovative solutions to international environmental issues and raise awareness among the general public. The event participants, including institutions, NGOs and private companies will contribute to the organization of a plethora of activities, such as exhibitions, workshops and contests.

The Festival will start in Sitges, Spain from June 8-12, 2016, and will then move to Vigo, Spain, from July 15-16, 2016. The final stop of the Festival will be Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, from September 1-4, 2016.

Posidonia Sustainability Art Festival Sitges

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