Going green to become a Sustainable Friend

If you’re concerned about conservation and pollution and looking for ways to help the planet, the Sustainable Friends portal has been launched for everyone interested in green issues. Through our network of friends concerned about conservation, you can seek out sound eco ideas and projects looking for support. Whether you’re looking to use your personal skills to help your own community, or can support good environmental causes with funding, you’ll find inspiration and existing projects on our sustainable world map.

If you join us as a sustainable friend funders and supporters will also be able to find you.  Already signed up are many established non-profit environmental groups around the world – so why not join a group that inspires you – or if the cause you’re concerned about isn’t being addressed, we encourage you to start your own!  We can all go green – no matter where we live or what we do there are many ways to help the planet.

1. Collaborate with your community

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In Oakland, N California USA, our sustainable friends Bay Localise are equipping grassroots community leaders with flexible tools, models, and policies that strengthen community resilience, enabling them to thrive in the face of economic downturn and the challenges of climate change. They’re also promoting the use of clean energy in the area.  If you’re not helping your own community to go green already find out what’s going on and join in.

2. Encourage environmental education

There’s a growing movement for supporting environmental education of young people. Our sustainable friends across the world are reaching out to support eco-friendly action in schools. One project is West County DIGS in California. Here a programme set up in 2007 now supports over 40 school gardens where young people can learn to manage the natural cycles and resources that sustain us all – nurturing and empowering future scientists, eco-entrepreneurs, leaders, and active, informed citizens. If eco education is your field of interest – volunteer to support activity in your local schools.

3. Support sustainable development

Developing countries offer an opportunity to encourage a better quality of life that’s good for communities and the planet. One such project co-ordinated by the US based Earth Island Institute is Friends of  Muonde, in Zimbabwe, Africa. This community-based initiative is dedicated to fomenting locally-driven creativity and indigenous development. Educational, agricultural and community extension programmes, alongside action research are in place to maintain people’s connections between spirit, community and ecology. You can search our sustainable world map for other good causes that will inspire you to support them – or add your own project.

4. Cultivate a corporate conscience

If you manage a sustainable business or want to green your company, you can find examples of our sustainable friends – and join them. Be like Nordic Naturals who source all fish from waters certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea, ensuring products are from fish stocks that are not overexploited and company practices include high standards of social accountability

Environmental sustainability projects

Going green to become a sustainable friend makes sense for anyone who wants to help create a better world for now and future generations. We’re working to cultivate and grow the world-wide community of people and projects caring for our environment, with a platform that removes the barriers between sustainable ideas & action. We encourage you to explore the opportunity for sustainable initiatives in your community or around the world and join our network of sustainable friends.

World Sustainability Organization  Sustainable Friends is developed by the sustainability
certification programs Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth

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