Promote Environmental Projects and Ideas on the Sustainability World Map

Sustainable Friends is a community, and is its platform to convene, connect, inform, and empower us. To make sure that our community contributions continue to be engaging and clear, there are a few simple ground rules.

Before launching your initiative and starting to collect statements of support, you have to create your profile on this site and become a Friend. The main purpose of a launch is to draw attention to your project and its central message. Reach potential participants, community leaders, media and mainstream organizations that may wish to become involved in your initiative itself or in its promotion.

Assign a category to your initiative:

Conservation – Development – Eco-friendly Practices – Education – Environmental Activities – Farming & Agriculture – Fishing & Aquaculture – Food & Nutrition – Fundraise Projects – Good to Know – Groups & Organizations – Issues – Kids – Opinion – Sustainable Brands – Volunteer jobs.

Once a proposed initiative is registered, the Sustainable Friends staff evaluates its appositeness and authorizes or denies its publication on this web site. More information at Community Guidelines.

Sustainable Friends disclaims any involvement between initiatives’ authors and users offering any kind of support. Each time someone wants to support your initiative, you’ll receive an e-mail including your potential supporter’s contact details.

Sustainable Friends gives you the opportunity to update your contents, add information and pictures, record the number of supporters, show the output of you initiative.

Questions and feedback are always welcome. A great place to start is at our SFriends Help Desk