Promote Environmental Educational Projects on the Sustainability World Map

Our goal is to provide an online community for sharing instructional contents about sustainability. SFriends seeks to fill a need for a more educationally focused venue for schools, teachers and students.

If you have developed an environmental project for students, Sustainable Friends helps you to get visibility easily. Create your profile and post an article to the Sustainable World Map.

Describe your project and assign the category Educational Projects to have your brand better geo-localized on the Sustainable World Map. Once educational projects articles are published, the SFriends staff evaluates its appositeness and authorizes or denies its publication on this website. More information at Community Guidelines.

Or if you wish to provide more visibility to your Educative Project on Sustainable Friends platform, please send your contact to the Sustainable Friends Advertising Program. With a focus on sustainable practices, your brand will be associated with the premium content and reach potential customers in Sustainable Friends and social media.

Questions and feedback are always welcome. A great place to start is at our SFriends Help Desk