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The first international app for sustainable purchasing.
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Why the "Sustainable Friends” app was created

How the “Sustainable Friends” loyalty card works

In 2023, the first “Sustainable Friends” flagship was launched in Milan (Italy) San Babila, in one of the most visited shopping areas in the world (roughly 19 million annual pedestrian crossings).

The “Sustainable Friends” loyalty card was created specifically for the occasion.  A card that not only rewards sustainable certified purchases but that also helps nature.

Points are accumulated for each purchase and for each friend you introduce to the project, that will allow you to receive prizes and discounts that are always new and updated in the online catalogue of the network of participating partners.

World Sustainability Organization & Foundation will dedicate one euro to selected conservation projects for each virtual card. The projects can be found in detail on the

Together for the
World’s Biodiversity

The first international app for sustainable purchasing.





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