Making Berkeley Greener and More Beautiful, One Wall at a Time!

The True Colors Mural project supports the development of young artist activists for the improvement of the urban environment through the creation of public murals.

The purpose of the murals are to both educate urban dwellers and beautify the urban environment with messages and images that support ecological sustainability, conservation and restoration. The project recruits, engages and employs under-served youth from Berkeley and the greater East Bay, in vital community murals projects.  True Colors trains young artists to design and create community murals with social and environmental justice themes.

The unique contributions of this project are:

• high quality, enduring, and meaningful community murals that raise issues and consciousness regarding the environment

• improvement of the urban landscape

• educational preparation on these themes for a new generation of high school and college-age activist artists who will receive high school and college level academic units in the arts income for environmental artist/activists from Berkeley’s Youth Works Program.

Help make it happen!