A Sardinian Retreat

keeping 5 hectares a safe place for the wildlife that's always been here


You don’t need a lot of land to create your own nature reserve. We’ve left 4 hectares as free woodland, uncultivated and un-fenced shrub and bush space for wild boar, tortoises, hares, birds, bees and butterflies to nest and pass through the seasonal flowering of asphodel, lavender and wild orchids. This space is available for any study groups working on sustainable projects or conservation research.

Why support Us

This is a start for a future network of small reserves over the territory of Sardinia . We need very little financial help but above all physical help from volunteers to help us sustain the woodland, clear dead trees and make a path around the land with a bird-watching and observation/education hut. Thanks in advance for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Help make it happen!

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