The oceans are rising; resources dwindling; help 2 teens protect our future, dreams & Planet Earth.

Short Summary

We, DYLAN and TIGER, are two typical global teenagers from Silicon Valley.

We believe that the bright futures and dreams that we and other teens cling to against the challenges of growing up are increasingly at risk due to the continued massive human abuse of the environment that is resulting in our unstoppably rising oceans (see below “BACKGROUND” for more on why we are scared).

What We Need

Any money and volunteers gathered from our modest Earth Day 2015 campaign will go to powering our 3-pronged AME Globe campaign we are putting together to make a measureable difference to help insure that we kids – and our kids’ kids – enjoy a safe and wonderful future.

AME stands for “A Mobile Ecology”, and the Globe stands for our beautiful Earth.

We understand that most campaigns have but a single request – but the clock is ticking, and helping us with any of the three below ‘asks’ will be helpful to all teens, and all humans, everywhere.

Besides – we’re teenagers, and believe NOTHING is impossible.

Please read the below three challenges – then below this, see the surprising perks we’ve been able to gather from all the adults that are supporting us in this venture:

(1) Endangered GLOBE world tour. To build awareness of the emerging global ecological dangers, we have concerned friends that are building 3-15 high visibility (120’) globes featuring endangered species atop it north pole that we can bring to any city on the planet once we have an invitation. We need your help to get your mayors across the planet to invite us to visit. We are initially targeting:

• New York (the UN, significant global/multinational/financial leadership representing many of the world’s largest CO2 players)

• San Francisco/Silicon Valley (key eco innovation center, many green mayors, an airport that could soon be underwater by the end of this century)

• Beijing and Shanghai (China leads the world in renewable energy investment, $56.3 billion in 2013 alone)1, and mostly

• Paris (home of 2015’s UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, this coming November the home to what could be most important eco summit in the history of humanity).

Click here to forward us your email, comments or requests for the globe.

(2) Collect then Distribute 422 (for 4/22/15 – Earth Day) Bike Stations, ideally totaling at least 4220 bikes worldwide!  To further the health of our planet and the evolution of the ‘shared economies’ that will save us – such as those of collaborative economy pioneers like UBER and AirBNB – we are requesting bike and cash donations and campaign volunteers to help us aggregate, then distribute, 422 bike stations across the planet in service to this 2015 Earth Day, 4/22/15.

The more cash and/or bikes you donate or buy, the greater the number of people that will travel without generating the CO2 that is threatening to eliminate the next ice age – and thus, increasing the chances that the continued steady ocean rise will slow. Please help us collect, buy, distribute, promote – and use – these bikes.

If you’d like to volunteer, click here to send us an email with your information.

(3) ONE DAY BIKE CHALLENGE.  We ask that you challenge yourself, your parents and all the other adult drivers your know to trade in your car or limos for a bike for one day, capture this experience as still picture or video, then send it to us and/or post it on social media on for all to see and be inspired by.

We also ask that you each take responsibility for challenging three more people to take, then record, our challenge.

Finally, we also ask that you help us invite the celebrities that we teens most greatly respect to take our challenge, capture their biking experience via camera or film, then send it to us and/or post it on social media for all to see and be inspired by.

We choose President Obama, Candidate Clinton and CEO Cook as the celebrities we most hope to join us because we not only admire each of them, but also know that all three of them attended last year’s Eco Summit in New York, and know that they know what we are talking about – and fear. We also know that each of these celebrities cares about the future of Earth’s children – their future voters and consumers.

If you’d like to get involved, click here to send us an email with your information, or submit images and stories of your bike challenge experience.



Why support Us

Our Challenges

This eco-action does have real challenges:

• Determining which cities get the globes

• Paying for the globe’s transportation

• Minimizing collateral CO2 transmission associates with building and shipping the globes

• Finding volunteers in 422 cities to help us stage and maintain the bikes

• Collecting and optimally sharing any and all positive (and negative) social media response we receive from other kids, their adults – and celebrities that care!

• Keeping our optimism – despite ever more ominous signs of doom.


With a positive response from celebrities, such as President Obama, Candidate Clinton and CEO Cook, we would hope for an exponential growth in the number of people that will see our site, and increasingly, dedicate energy and heart to protecting our precious planet.

We – Tiger X and Dylan X- hope to sufficiently wake up enough of a modest subset of humanity in time to change attitudes and behaviors sufficiently to help guarantee a future life for all of us present and future adults and kids – a life as wonderful as the lives that our parents ourselves enjoyed and have, until now, taken for granted.

Help make it happen!