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Alter Terra operates at the intersection of science, public policy and community organization.

Alter Terra is an innovative approach to addressing the environmental and socioeconomic effects of unplanned urbanization by promoting initiatives that reduce poverty, create jobs, and improve general health of neighborhoods that lack sanitation and healthcare. Focusing on biodiversity and watershed-based planning, we create locally specific solutions for environmental conservation in impoverished regions of Americas.

Our mission is to lead in the restoration, protection, conservation and sustainable development of coastal zones through the design and implementation of innovative and effective educational outreach, scientific research, and infrastructure projects that promote healthy terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Our primary purpose is to promote and operate international charitable projects that include:

. science-based environmental conservation and infrastructure projects

. conservation of natural resources through sustainable development and planning

. environmental preservation and conservation research, training and education

. prevention and reduction of water, air and soil pollution

. economic advancement through community capacity building and sustainable urban design practices

. watershed-based, regional and bi-national planning and development projects and initiatives

. promote natural systems design and ecosystem-based solutions for impoverished communities and degraded ecosystems

Source: Since 2008, Alter Terra has been a nonprofit coastal and marine ecosystem conservation organization utilizing natural systems design to address environmental challenges in countries around the globe. Alter Terra is a registered Civil Association in Mexico, and in the U.S. Alter Terra is a project of Earth Island Institute.
Our Founding Director: Oscar Romo
Co-directior: Jennifer Hazard

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Alter Terra is an entity of Earth Island Institute, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We operate entirely off of a support-based budget. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer and have a valid passport, please contact us.

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Our vision is to become a reliable and trusted scientific resource and environmental planning partner to public, private and government agencies in the development of sustainable, locally-specific solutions that conserve and protect natural resources world-wide.

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