California Student Sustainability Coalition

The California Student Sustainability Coalition unites, connects, supports, and empowers students from across California to transform their educational institutions and communities into models of ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) is a broad network of student sustainability organizations throughout the state. Managed and coordinated by students and recent alumni, we strive to implement policies and programs at various institutional levels that enhance the three key components of sustainability: ecology, economy, and equity.

What we do

Our convergences:
Our statewide convergences bring together hundreds of students twice a year to network, build community, share resources, attend workshops, and celebrate. Learn more about our Convergences

Our campaigns and projects:
We run, support, and endorse projects that focus on a range of areas including education and curriculum, food systems, project funding, university policy, and more. Learn more about our Projects

Source:  California Student Sustainability Coalition website
Director: Zen Trenholm

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Teachers and students of California

Why support Us

CSSC provides a platform for driving institutional change and a forum for networking and sharing best practices. CSSC is also a community of student activists who support one another both directly and indirectly. CSSC members develop personal leadership, skills, and direction. CSSC is an inclusive organization and finds strength in diversity. Like the Swedish proverb, CSSC members believe that shared pain is half pain and shared joy is double joy.

CSSC developed a lot last year and we need your support to continue our progress.
Anything you contribute supports students in making their campuses and communities more sustainable.


Here’s what we have been working on this year:

. Stop the poisoning of our communities and planet by divesting from fossil fuels, reinvesting in communities and clean tech alternatives, and blocking disastrous hydraulic fracturing.

. Fossil Free | Divest our universities’ endowments from fossil fuel holdings and re-invest in our communities and in socially responsible portfolios.

. Students Against Fracking | Stop the fracking industry from destroying our communities by expanding our student mobilization efforts across the state.

. Train and empower students to become sustainability-focused organizers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and community members.

. Courses and Co-Curricular Activities for Equity, Economy, and the Environment | Launch courses that link students, faculty, alumni, and civil society for public talks and dialogue around collective action while expanding leadership and activist training for students.

. Convergences and Leadership Retreats | Provide student-led education and training focused on sharing best practices and setting the vision for sustainability activism across the state.

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