CarbonfreeDC holds workshops to educate locals on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

The organization also is engaged in a weatherization project of low-income homes.

In less than one year since its founding, CarbonfreeDC has hosted over 40 events (workshops, tours, volunteer projects) that have given our now 800+ members tangible, step-by-step solutions to reducing their carbon footprint. We have also led a successful Low Carbon Diet Program and launched the Green Team Network to help people start green teams at their workplaces.

CarbonfreeDC member James M. writes:

“This is a wonderful group doing meaningful work. It’s members come from all sorts of backgrounds, live all across the region, and are dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly change to Washington, DC beginning with local communities.”
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In order to seriously ramp up our efforts for bold practical action right here in Washington, we’re going to need some serious resources.

Source: Carbonfreedc is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Rhys Gerholdt

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Your tax-deductible donation to CarbonfreeDC will play a critical role in empowering locals in DC Metro to reduce global warming pollution through tangible, practical actions. Our programs help you and our local neighborhoods save on energy, protect our health and tackle global warming. We need your financial support to make our nation’s capital a leader in a clean energy future.

Your money makes all of our efforts possible. Give today if you want to shift our community to clean energy, support vibrant recycling and composting programs, see green jobs as a path way out of poverty or believe that climate change must be addressed aggressively at the local, national and international levels.

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