Clean Seas is a Friend of the Sea. Are you?

As Australia’s leading fish farmers, Cleanseas are at the forefront of environmental best-practice. In fact, our farming activities go above and beyond all required legislation and world’s best practice standards.

Clean Seas is a commercially sustainable producer of premium Kingfish for world markets.

The company’s fish farming activities meet all required government regulations and world’s best practice standards, which have elevated Clean Seas to a premium producer of international repute.

The use of premium feeds, minimal stocking densities and site fallowing practices help deliver a sustainable supply of top quality fish.

Significantly, Clean Seas is certified by Friend of the Sea for its production of Hiramasa Yellowtail Kingfish – the first aquaculture company in the Southern Hemisphere to earn the internationally recognised sustainability accreditation.

“We are pleased to see our efforts confirmed and recognizable around the world, as our products will continue displaying the ‘Friend of the Sea’ logo in Europe, Asia and North America”, stated Dr Craig Foster, CEO of Clean Seas. “We recognise that the quality of our farmed seafood is determined by our customers’ needs and expectations. To achieve this, we are committed to a process of continually improving our operations and our fish. Consumers need to know when purchasing seafood that there is an alternative to purchasing a depleting seafood species, the alternative is to buy a sustainable aquaculture product that carries the ‘Friend of the Sea’ seal of approval.”


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→ Source: Sustainable Friends: Responsible companies operating with respect for the environment | Date: Nov 4, 2015


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