Community engagement and sustainable transportation

The Changing Gear's mission is to operate a bicycle based social enterprise which benefits the under-served people of our local area.

Changing Gears Bike Shop is a non-profit bike shop that provides full service sales and repairs to the general public, job training to formerly homeless individuals, opportunities for low income people to earn bikes and parts, and a community gathering space for nearby residents. The shop receives over 1250 bike donations per year, and is located on a former naval air base in a 4000 square foot repurposed warehouse in Alameda, CA.

The shop relies on volunteering and donations from people like you! There’s a million and one things to do in the shop and we’ll find something for anyone who’s willing to give their time. All donations are tax-deductible.

Donate Bikes/Parts
We are always in need of donations of any usable bikes, parts, accessories, artwork and anything else bike related! Donations can be brought to the shop whenever we’re open. If you have a large quantity of donations (10+ bikes) we may be able arrange a pick-up for you. Just call or email. Thanks!

Support Us Financially
Unrestricted donations have allowed the shop to move forward on those “extras” that sometimes don’t get prioritised in the day to day. For example, our work outfits were made possible by a generous donor, while another donor made possible a trip to Portland, OR for an advanced bike mechanics training!

Volunteering Opportunities
There are countless ways you can help the shop. Whatever it is you do well, the shop can use your skills and expertise, whether it is repairing bikes, outreaching to your community or creating a project of your own.


Source:  Changing Gears Bike Shop is a project of Earth Island Institute

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People of all ages and backgrounds.

Why support Us

Since 2010 the shop has sustained itself through sales, foundation money and donations. The shop is operated by three paid staff (two young adults and a shop director) along with a small team of dedicated volunteers.

The shop’s vision is to be a space where community engagement, political participation, economic opportunity and sustainable transportation come together for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Since we've opened, the shop has received over 3,000 bicycle donations (thereby diverting over 10 tons of material from local landfills), provided hundreds of youth and adults with bicycles and repairs through our work-credit program, lead bicycle field trips for more than 100 APC youth and is a regular site for Eagle Scout projects, corporate volunteering events and school field trip programs.

We will continue to do our best to serve the individuals and communities of the Bay Area. We are trying to grow the shop to provide more job training opportunities for youth and adults, increase our expertise in repairing/restoring bikes of any and all eras, and develop an effective volunteer program.

Speaking of volunteers, they are the ones who help the shop thrive and survive. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch with us; there's lots of ways you can contribute. Thanks

Help make it happen!