Creating a better future for your family by supporting farmers and community resilience

Many people are looking for green alternatives to conventional investment approaches. The World Tree Carbon Offset Program is an investment opportunity for people who want to use their money to create both positive change in the world and a return on investment.

Climate change is happening now

The world’s climate scientists tell us there is no longer any question that climate change is happening at an alarming rate. The last 10 years were the warmest on record and sea levels are rising at 1.25 inches per decade. A 2014 White House economic report has warned of increasing storms, heat waves, severe droughts, wild fires, rising sea levels, severe storm damage and acidification of the oceans. This is an issue that will affect us all. The White House report predicts that just 3 degrees of warming will cause economic damages in excess of $150 billion dollars per year in North America alone.

Carbon emissions are the main culprit

We all have a carbon footprint. Heating our homes, driving our cars, running our computers and devices, even the food we eat requires energy to produce. When fossil fuels are burned to create energy they emit carbon dioxide which, along with other greenhouse gases, contributes directly to global warming. If we want to slow the rate of climate change, then we must reduce the impact of our energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Creating a better future for your family

There are only two ways to reduce your carbon footprint: use less energy or find a way to offset your carbon output. Biking to work, buying local food and using energy efficient appliances are all effective ways of reducing your carbon output. Many people are refitting their homes to be more energy efficient and to use clean energy sources such as solar power. However, even the greenest homes and workplaces still have a carbon footprint. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways you can offset your carbon emissions.

reduce carbon footprint planting trees
Your carbon footprint

The average North American family produces 80 tons of carbon a year. All this carbon is going into the atmosphere and this is causing global warming. To reverse global warming and slow climate change, we all need to take action to reduce our carbon emissions. Participating in the World Tree COP 2016 will cancel out your entire family’s carbon emissions for the next 50 years. Click here for more information.


Farmers and communities

Why support Us

By supporting World Tree's Carbon Offset Program, you are not only providing a prosperous financial future for you and your family, you are also supporting farmers and community resilience, reducing the need to cut down more forests, and really making a difference for future generations!

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