Cultivate environmental and human health through the arts

ONCA's mission is to inspire creativity and positive action in the face of environmental change.

The ONCA Gallery is a key hub for arts/ecology discourse. We curate and host exhibitions, performances, outreach and events that ask questions, tell stories and initiate conversations about environmental and social change.

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Above the gallery, ‘Upstairs at ONCA’ is a research and studio space used by creative freelancers, environmental charities and universities – exploring the benefits of creative co-working and multidisciplinary collaboration.

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Get involved


We have come up with five ways that you can give to ONCA:

1. Giving money

2. Giving time

3. Giving skills and expertise

4. Donating useful items

5. Spreading the word about us and what we do

Often ONCA hosts evening events and workshops, exhibitions, volunteering and projects. Check the website for up to date info.

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Why support Us

The ONCA Trust & Gallery was established in 2012, a registered charity that links art with ecological projects. Now in our third year we are a pioneering Centre for Arts and Ecology housed in our Grade II listed building in the heart of Brighton. We rely on funding, donations, collaborations, partnerships, and our fantastic team of volunteers giving their time to make ONCA the vibrant and inviting place that it is today.

We need your support to keep this dynamic space open and evolving.

. Together we can explore the role of the arts in our changing world.
. Together we can learn, educate and inspire, stirring both creative thought and positive action.
. Together we can provide high quality, powerful and exciting exhibitions, and support conservation projects around the globe.

Donations will go towards ONCA’s core running costs, enabling us to keep our doors open, whilst also giving us the breathing room to grow and develop our annual artistic programme. The running costs for ONCA include rent, utilities, business administration, insurance and a small staff team.

Help make it happen!