The destruction of forest habitat is no longer necessary

Protecting our environment does not mean sacrificing quality of life. The World Tree carbon offset program provides a way to use your investment dollars to make a positive difference in the world.

World Tree‘s purpose is to transform the planet by providing the Empress Splendor Tree as the solution to the world’s carbon footprint.

The Empress Splendor Tree is a fast-growing, regenerating tree that is able to absorb 11 times more carbon than any other tree. This makes it the ideal tree to plant for cleaning up the carbon in the air.

The tree grows to maturity in 7-10 years when it is harvested for lumber. Investors in the Carbon Offset Program receive a 25% share of the profits from the sale of the lumber.

This very special tree is revolutionizing how we source out wood products and showing the world that timber can be provided in a truly sustainable manner, thereby helping to preserve our forest ecosystems for generations to come!

Have a look at this simple infographic that highlights all the incredible attributes of the Empress Splendor Tree!

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We are looking for farmers to help us plant over a million trees over the next two years. The World Tree Carbon Offset Program provides a way that you can get started with a highly profitable crop, with minimal financial investment.

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To make a serious dent in our carbon emissions we all need to take action. There are only two ways to reduce your carbon footprint: use less energy or find a way to offset your carbon emissions.

Many people are refitting their homes and businesses to be more energy efficient and to use clean energy sources such as solar power. However, even the greenest homes and workplaces still have a carbon footprint. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways of offsetting your carbon emissions.

The Empress Splendor tree sequesters 11 times more carbon than any other tree. In fact, it is so efficient that the average North American would only need to plant 22 trees to offset their carbon emissions for the next 50 years!

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