EcoVillage Farm is a model for growing healthy youth and healthy communities

People are an important part of the environment and we want to broaden the range of people involved in environmental and social justice work to include urban residents and people of various cultural backgrounds.

Our mission is to create a healthy sustainable environment and socially/economically just society for present and future generations. EcoVillage Farm Learning Center is a place where urban residents of all cultural backgrounds feel welcome and come to learn through (participatory) “mind/hands on” activities how to restore and protect Mother Earth and her people.

EcoVillage Farm Learning Center is an “Oasis of Connectivity” in the City of Richmond, a city that is often perceived of as a food, safety and environment desert. Yes! A Farm in Richmond!


We offer “kids” of all ages (8-80) the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become environmental and social change agents and/or just engage with nature for the “fun of it.”

Some of the wide range of “hands and minds on” activities, which EcoVillage Farm offers its participants include:

·    Actively engaging with nature (i.e., learning how bees make honey, sheep shearing, caring for small farm animals, chicken, ducks, goats, sheep…)
·    EcoVillage Farm Fresh Produce Market Stand, which bring affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to Richmond residents one day each week.
·    Richmond Farm 2 Table Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.
·    Urban organic farming; we teach people how to grow their own food and to eat healthy.
·    Responsible social living skills (conflict management, violence prevention)
·    Community Service
·    Internship at EcoVillage Farm
·    Learning about alternative energy (solar, wind, bio-fuels, etc) and new Greening careers.
·    School Tours
·    Special Events
·    Delta Watershed Education and Protection


If you are willing to get your hands dirty and learn how to protect the environment, promote environmental and social justice while working on a 5.6-acre urban farm growing organic fruits and vegetables, protecting the watershed, helping to organize a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Farmers Market, working with Urban Youth, caring for farm animals and other related activities, please contact us.

Source:  EcoVillage Farm is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Shyaam Shabaka

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We must think beyond the growing of organic tomatoes… to how we grow and are willing to pay for the development of a healthy environment and economic and social just society where all of our youth and adults may grow to their full potential.

We are working hard in collaboration with schools, youth, other residents, faith based and community organizations and local governments of Richmond and the Greater San Francisco East Bay to create a healthy environment and social economic just society.


Join us for a one day preparedness and path setting workshop on how to improve your personal, community and environmental health, and better understand their interconnectedness. For more information, please visit our website.

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