Fontanacervo is a Friend of the Earth. Are you?

The company Fontanacervo, located by Turin’s countryside, has achieved Friend of the Earth international certification for sustainable agriculture and farming production. Its dairy produce can now carry the Friend of the Earth eco-label.


Fontanacervo’s products comprise high quality milk, cream, yoghurt, desserts and fresh and ripe cheese. The company manages the complete production process, from cultivated fields for forage to production and processing of milk.

First agricultural and farming practices in the area date back to the XVII Century, defining the distinctive landscape. Livestock is reared with no impact to the surrounding aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Milk production corresponds to low density farming parameters: each cow produces about 20-22 litres of milk per day, compared with 32-38 litres of intensive farms.

“We are particularly fond of the Friend of the Earth certification, as it allows us to independently confirm our full engagement to environmental sustainability”.

Mr. Giovanni Crivello of Fontanacervo

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→ Source: Sustainable Friends: Responsible companies operating with respect for the environment | Date: Nov 12, 2015


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