Foodture is an Irish grassroots initiative whose objective is to nurture a culture of food citizenship and help build strong community support around Fair Food farmers, food producers and more.

Food citizenship refers to active citizens who engage with their food producers and how their food is produced. This helps to inform choice, choosing food that has been produced in a fair, ethical manner and supports the livelihoods of fair food producers so they can continue to do so into the future.

Our disconnect to the agricultural world means we’ve succumbed to be directed in our buying and eating choices. Everyone is competing for our attention. We are bombarded with marketing messages about food, food producers and diets. Modern life is noisy and food, choosing what to buy and what to eat is a deafening space. Labels scream local, sustainable, green, natural, artisan, healthy, real, lean, whole foods….these words are used so frequently that they often lose their meaning. Using the term Fair Food helps to differentiate from common labels like ‘local’, ‘Irish’, ‘Good’ – we want to strip it all back and simply ask; “Is this food fair to animals, people and place?”

Our agenda is simple, share stories that will empower all of us to make fair food choices. To join foodture, food producers must be transparent in how they produce food, conserve, protect the soil, biodiversity and how they respect the animals and environment they manage. By growing a culture of food citizenship we aim to be a disruptive force in a broken food system. Together, we can shape a new fairer, food future.

Why do what we do?

Today, most of us have lost touch with our food, its origins and more importantly how and who produced it. We no longer value the labour of truly ecological farmers and therefore do not account for the true cost of the food in our supermarkets, cupboards and tables. Foodture’s objective is to awaken the food citizens in us, recognise we are more than mere consumers. Food citizens make value based food purchases. They engage with the farming world and make food choices that support the world they wish to live in.

So how do we grow and spread a culture of food citizens supporting ecological Fair Food farmers and more?

  • Though an active, engaging, fact finding and storytelling platform we create a space for people to interact with and think about the production of the food on their table. We hope to INSPIRE positive action.

Equally, it’s important to  that we offer solutions and opportunities for all to shape a new, fairer food-future.

  • Through our map, people can CONNECT directly to the ecological farmers in their region. Foodture will showcase Fair Food farmers, producers and more. Placing a spotlight on what and how they produce food. We dont sell produce, we hope that you will connect at a community level

We hope that these actions can help TRANSFORM our broken food system. We hope to spread the knowledge that Fair Food farmers and more are the bricks and mortar for the foundations of a new, fairer food future and we can choose to support them.

Together with farmers on one platform, foodture aims to generate public appeal, to build strong community support for ecological farmers and the food they produce. We also want to ensure the livelihoods of these farmers and as such, use the term Fair Food; fair for animals, people and place.



Our objective is to nurture a culture of food citizenship and help build strong community support around Fair Food farmers, producers and more in Ireland.

Why support Us

As a social enterprise our objective is to aid the transition to a sustainable, fair food future in Ireland. Your contribution affords us an income to maintain and operate an active platform, create engaging content and build a national audience. It helps us to connect citizens directly with Fair Food Farmers, building lasting relationships that help them to stay on the land and earn a living wage. Most importantly, your support ensures our independence. The agenda will always be set by our Fair Food Members, not sponsors, advertisers or ‘Big Ag’.

Help make it happen!

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