The Green Dream Project

Helping Students Take Environmental Action


Helping School Environmental, Journalism and Drama Clubs harnessed efforts towards environmental education in schools in Bui Division. Our target is have at least 2000 students directly or indirectly with not only sound education on environmental but equally taking actions individually or collectively towards saving mother earth. We intend to use the school clubs to create green spaces in schools and also to realize a documentary on the common environmental challenges, in Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon

Why support Us

As growing environmental challenges continue to hit the world differently, communities in especially developing countries though being vulnerable are still not well sensitized. School environments are still for the most part bare (without greenery), with frequent dust baths. Students themselves are seen to lack sound knowledge on environmental education, talk less of taking action. This project will therefore seek to work with school environmental clubs to raise more awareness and create opportunities for students to plant and take care of flowers and ornamental trees in their school.

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