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CSAW works to protect and maintain the beneficial uses of all public waters by advocating for the full implementation of the goals and objectives of the Clean Water Act.

CSAW works to prevent the degradation of public waters by employing advocacy, education, litigation, legislation and market campaigns to challenge the adoption and implementation of weak state and federal rules that undermine the two fundamental goals of the Clean Water Act:

1. to ensure all waters of the United States are fishable and swimmable,

2. eliminate the discharge of all pollutants into public waters.



Where We’re Going


CSAW is working to close the “mixing zone” loophole in federal and state regulations. Mixing zones, i.e., pollution-dilution zones, authorized in thousands of permits nationwide, are portions of waters adjacent to discharge pipes where polluters are often not required to meet the state water quality standards adopted to protect human health and aquatic life. When standards are not met, beneficial uses are not protected.

CSAW is working to stop cruise ships from discharging millions of gallons of wastewater into our oceans and coastal waters. Cruise ships, which are effectively “floating cities” and home to thousands of passengers and crew, have been dumping polluted wastestreams into public waters since the 1970’s. CSAW has been working in the U.S. and other countries since 2000 with individual citizens and other NGOs to strengthen the discharge and oversight rules for the cruise industry.

Source:  CSAW is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Gershon Cohen

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