If we can’t save the Serengeti, what can we save?

Serengeti Watch is building a coalition of advocacy and funding for the Serengeti ecosystem, people living there, adjacent reserves.

Serengeti Watch‘s mission is to build a strong coalition of support, advocacy, and funding for the Serengeti ecosystem, the people living around it, and adjacent reserves and protected areas.

Equally important as our advocacy role – the funding of development programs that help build a model of sustainable tourism. Only with the understanding and involvement of local people can we achieve a lasting solution. This means bringing education, involvement, and tangible benefits to them.

Our Goals

. Provide an early warning system. We have shown that an early alert to a threat can be a powerful way to mobilize support. It is crucial that this system stays in place.

. Connect world supporters, travelers, tour companies, local communities to raise awareness on important issues facing the Serengeti.

. Raise funds for projects that support local people living near the Serengeti ecosystem, especially projects that increase their participation in conservation and their benefits from tourism.

. Partner with existing conservation organizations, the travel industry, and local Maasai communities and leaders.

. Reinforce a culture of awareness and appreciation among Tanzanians for their heritage. This includes how much the country depends on revenue and jobs from international tourism, and how fragile its ecosystems really are.

. Help build a model of sustainable tourism that benefits all.

Source: Serengeti Watch is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Boyd Norton & David Blanton

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Why support Us

The Serengeti is the best known, most treasured ecosystem in the world. Its great migration must be forever protected for the benefit of future generations of Tanzanians and visitors from around the world. Yet there are even more reasons why saving the Serengeti is vital.

Only with constant vigilance and support can we ensure that the Serengeti will survive as a source of inspiration and wonder for future generations.

Serengeti Watch fills an important niche – it’s not just another NGO, it’s an international community that can play a vital role – it’s you.

Help make it happen!