Intimate Stories Told Live by Local Food Heroes

We are building a world in which people can be friends with those who feed them, and together create thriving local food systems.

Real Food Real Stories creates community gatherings around live storytelling by changemakers in food. We believe that relationships and authentic connections are the cornerstones to building a healthy, thriving, and collaborative food system.

Our vision is a future of relationship-based local food communities, centering around trust, transparency and mutual aspiration toward a healthy, regenerative food economy.


Our Story

In the summer of 2014 Pei-Ru Ko and a group of passionate friends put on the first Real Food Real Stories gathering in a San Francisco home. The evening encapsulated many key ingredients of what would become the RFRS identity: a changemaker in food sharing his personal journey with authenticity, locally sourced stews and homemade cookies, and volunteer hosts facilitating guests to further connect with one another.
The power of connection to activate the sustainable food movement emerged that evening made it clear that we must share the experience with others. Since then, a team of volunteer collaborators has met over many shared meals to build the community initiative and partner with local producers, food/agriculture advocacy groups, food businesses and engaged eaters.

Our Mission

Build regenerative, local food systems.
Facilitate relationships, trust and collaboration.
Teach storytelling from the heart.

We envision training and guiding local organizers to start RFRS satellites all over the country and beyond, facilitating a future of relationship-based local communities centering around trust, transparency and mutual aspiration toward a healthy, regenerative food system.

Our Offering

Gatherings: we curate many forms of gatherings to facilitate storytelling and connection. Supperclubs focus on gathering industry professionals ranging from food, ag, policy to impact investing. Picnics are public version of Supperclubs, centering around live storytelling by a changemaker in food and a meal that connect to the story. Digestifs are our follow-up gatherings after each supperclubs and picnics, offering opportunities to deepen relationships and continue to learn about the stories.

Shorts: a short film series capturing the powerful stories from RFRS gatherings to further inspire and connect us to our food and to the people behind the movement.

Source: Real Food Real Stories is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Pei-Ru Ko

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Why support Us

We sincerely appreciate your commitment to building an empathetic food system based on a culture of listening, relationships, and action. Your generosity will enable us to continue sharing the stories of our food heroes and inspire the next wave of changemakers. Together, we will build a future where everyone can thrive on healthy, local food and friendships with those who feed us.

Help make it happen!