Introducing kids to the world of fishing and aquaculture

Friend of the Sea launches school awareness project in Hong Kong

Friend of the Sea, the certification program for seafood from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, in cooperation with Ms Lily Huang of MM Fresh..TM, organized Friend of the Sea awareness days at the Australian International School of Hong Kong.

In February and March 2015, more than one hundred students had the opportunity to participate in a set of four fascinating, interactive lessons to learn relevant conservation principles.

The kids were introduced to the world of fishing and aquaculture through the key topics of biodiversity, overfishing, sustainable fishing methods and aquaculture techniques, and responsible consumption.

The lessons, now available online for free consultation, included interactive videos, multiple choices and role-games. The kids enthusiastically identified themselves with the fishermen and Friend of the Sea auditors, trying out various fishing methods.

Informative material and gadgets have been distributed to the students so that, once back home, they could tell others about the school workshop and the concepts learnt.

Teachers really appreciate this free of charge initiative, which provides an opportunity to introduce the new topic of sustainable fishing to the class.

Friend of the Sea strongly believes in the importance of these initiatives”, comments Mr. Paolo Bray, Director and Founder of Friend of the Sea. “In particular, school lessons and laboratories play a very important role in educating future generations to responsible and sustainable life styles. Friend of the Sea counts on the support and collaboration of seafood companies and schools to further expand its awareness program.”

MM Fresh is a regional distributor of premium quality, sustainable seafood products primarily from pristine water of New Zealand and Australia for luxury hotel groups, restaurants, as well as discerning individual customers”, Ms Lily Huang of MM Fresh..TM. “We are concerned about our environment. Therefore we have established our own guideline stating that only sustainable and trusted-sources are brought onto our customers’ dinner plates.”

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→ Source: Sustainable Friends: Environmental Educational projects | Date: Sep 30, 2015

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Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth teams have designed educative, interactive lessons to learn about environment conservation and responsible consumption. Informative material and gadgets are distributed to the students so that, once back home, they can tell others about the school workshop and the concepts learnt.

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