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LEIGH is a small village at Cape Rodney on the North Island of New Zealand. It has a population of about 450 people – a typical fishing village. Approximately 20% of the working population is employed by Lee Fish. The company is the largest employer in the village. About 30 people work operationally at Lee Fish. They fillet, sort and pack. 60 employees fish on the 30 boats,two people on each boat.

Lee Fish Ltd is an innovative company. With the employee’s considerable know-how it has the target and the technique to keep the products natural in optimal conditions to grant a high standard of quality.

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Lee fish products – which include barramundi, cobia, grouper, crimson snapper, pampano and john snapper – are Friend of the Sea certified. Their objective is to offer the freshest seafood products from exclusive sources with deep regard to the sea and the surrounding environment.


The Lee fish criteria for sustainable fishing

Criteria for sustainable fisheries

The fishery targets a stock that is not considered to be over exploited according to the most updated stock status report from FAO, Regional Fishery Bodies or National Marine Authorities.

•    The fishing method does not by-catch species listed in the IUCN Red list
•    The fishing method does not discard more than 8% in weight of the total catch
•    The fishing method does not impact the seabed
•    The fishery complies with regulations (TAC, no IUU nor FOC, mesh size, minimum size, MAPs, etc)

Criteria for sustainable aquaculture

•    An Environmental Impact Assessment or equivalent be run before the development of the plant
•    The facility is not impacting critical habitats, such as mangroves, wetlands, etc
•    Procedures are in place to limit escapes of fish to a negligible level
•    No use of GMO and growth hormones
•    No use of antifouling paints
•    Waste, Water, Feed and Energy Management are in place
•    Use of Friend Of The Sea certified feed (currently for Trout, Sea Bream and Sea Bass)


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Lee fish supply the European, Asian and North American market with fresh and sustainable seafood from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.

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