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Our certifications confirm the quality of our products and the raw materials we work and process.

Olio Piave, a grape seed oil produced by the Italian company Medio Piave Fontanelle, located in the beautiful countryside of Treviso, has achieved Friend of the Earth international certification and it can now carry the Friend of the Earth eco-label.


Medio Piave Fontanelle is a company with a long history. Since 1938, high quality grape seeds have been processed and transformed into Olio Piave, a healthy oil, rich in beneficial properties.


Grape seeds are supplied directly by the main distilleries in the province of Treviso, famous for Prosecco white sparkling wine. Seeds, which are often a non-appreciated raw material, are processed into a genuine, valuable food.

Quality, safety and sustainability of Olio Medio Piave are guaranteed by a careful, constant control that Medio Piave performs throughout the whole production chain, thus transparency is checked from agricultural producers to facilities, and from distilleries to food industries.

Furthermore the company manages and minimizes the energy consumption by means of continuous monitoring and optimization. The installation of a biomass combustion system, which is a source of renewable energy, provides self-sufficiency as well as reduction of gas emission.


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→ Source: Sustainable Friends: Responsible companies operating with respect for the environment | Date: Nov 5, 2015


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