Nordic Naturals is a Friend of the Sea. Are you?

Since our founding, Nordic Naturals has been committed to the health of the oceans.

Nordic Naturals is dedicated to helping you live a healthy, vibrant, extraordinary life. With our commitment to sustainable fishing practices and research-driven formulas, Nordic Naturals delivers the purest omega oils for you, your family, and even your pet companions!
Nordic Naturals sources all of its fish from waters that are certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea, and all of our products are Friend of the Sea certified as well.

This verifies that Nordic Naturals complies with rigorous criteria that include:

. Products are from fish stocks that are not overexploited
. Fishing practices prevent bycatch of endangered species
. Fishing practices reduce ecosystem impact
. Manufacturing reflects energy efficiencies
. Company practices include high standards for social accountability

Since our founding, Nordic Naturals has been committed to the health of the oceans. FOS certification is important not only for customers, but also for our company and the environment.

Join us in our mission to help you do more of what you love. We aim to educate you about the health benefits of omega oils as well as what will best serve your body and mind. Learn more about our rigorous third-party testing, omega research, sustainable fishing practices and dedication to healthy people and a healthy planet at:

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