Olio Roi is a Friend of the Earth. Are you?

Olio Roi, farm based in Italy, has obtained Friend of the Earth certification for the production of sustainable Taggiasca olives.

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Roi is a small producer based in Liguria that offers extra virgin olive oil of Taggiasca olives, that has demonstrated its conformity with all the requirements of Friend of the Earth certification. The cultivation of olive trees has been practiced since ancient times in the area, defining the distinctive landscape over the centuries.

The ecosystem is not altered, because the olive trees grow in a wooded area, and no irrigation canals have been dug, but a dripping system that regulates the water is operative. The company has adopted an innovative system for the reuse of waste from olives to generate heating. The fallen leaves are subjected to composting which together with the manure serves as fertilizer.

“Olive oil is one of the essential ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine and especially in Italy,” says Mr. Paolo Boeri, Communication Manager of Olio Roi. “It’s important that such production is practiced in the full respect of the environment. When consumers buy Olio Roi and read from the eco-label that is certified Friend of the Earth, they are aware of making a responsible choice by contributing to a sustainable future.”


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 → Source: Sustainable Friends: Responsible companies operating with respect for the environment | Date: Oct 2, 2015


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