Post-Landfill Action Network

Supporting the Student-led Zero Waste movement.

About PLAN

The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) is a nonprofit, cooperative network of student leaders working to achieve zero waste in their campus communities. We support the implementation of practical waste-reduction initiatives, educate students about the waste crisis, and help train the next generation of leaders for the zero waste movement. Our goal is to create zero waste campuses that lead the way to a zero waste world where landfills and incinerators are obsolete.

The platform will provide the following basic functions

1.  A collaborative discussion board broken up into specific projects and programs. Through this discussion board any individual (students, admin, etc) can create a free account to access and participate in the conversations, and upload/download resources at any time.

2.  Documents will be uploadable and downloadable for free.

3.  All discussion boards and uploads will be tagged with searchable keywords (ex: “composting”, or “procurement policies”) which will organize content in a navigable library.





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Why support Us

The Project: Building a Zero Waste Campus Platform and Database

Over the past two years the PLAN team has had the privilege to work with many incredible people leading innovative zero waste projects on campuses across the country.

From the inspiration of their work we believe that a zero waste campus is possible–but it cannot be done alone! PLAN has received hundreds of resources from campuses across the country and we have seen campuses learn from each other to improve their programs and build a movement.

We want to simplify the sharing process and make it accessible to all.

With an easy to access, searchable database students can collaborate with ease. The PLAN staff, student organizers and other leaders in zero waste can answer questions in a public forum. This searchable, crowd-sourced, zero waste database will create the foundation for successful campaigns.

There is no need for campuses to reinvent the wheel!

Help make it happen!

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