Project Coyote Fostering Coexistence

A North American coalition of wildlife scientists, educators, predator-friendly ranchers and community leaders, promotes compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife.

Project Coyote  champions progressive conservation policies and models that reduce human-wildlife conflicts and the mistreatment of coyotes, wolves, foxes and other predators while providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and strategic policy change in how native carnivores are viewed and “managed” at local, state, and national levels.

Project Coyote seeks to stop the wanton and cruel killing of predators across North America, to reform predator management, to create successful models of coexistence, and to inspire the next generation to care for Wild Nature. We:

  • Champion progressive management and conservation policies and practices that reduce human-wildlife conflict;
  • Develop, field-test, and promote models of coexistence in urban, rural, and wild settings;
  • Support innovative scientific research leading to lasting solutions;
  • Work to implement laws and policies that protect coyotes and other native carnivores from cruelty and abuse;
  • Foster understanding and respect for the role of keystone apex predators in sustaining healthy and resilient ecosystems through education, science, and advocacy;
  • Work with educators and youth to instill a respect for wildlife and wildlands;
  • Partner to raise awareness of and appreciation for all native carnivores;
  • Collaborate to promote systemic change in how carnivores are viewed and treated;
  • Raise public awareness about how to coexist with carnivores and why they deserve our full respect and appreciation.

Project Coyote envisions a world where…

  • Human communities coexist synergistically and peacefully with wildlife;
  • Science empowers lasting solutions for resilient carnivore populations;
  • Native carnivores are valued for their critical ecological role and their intrinsic worth;
  • Children understand the value of Wild Nature;
  • Compassionate conservation drives wildlife stewardship.
Source: Project Coyote is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Camilla H. Fox

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As the most persecuted native carnivore and a species that has existed in North America since the Pleistocene, the Coyote represents all misunderstood and exploited predators. Poisoned, trapped, aerial gunned and killed for bounties and in contests, an estimated 500,000 coyotes die every year in the U.S. alone — one per minute. Revered and respected by Native Americans for their intelligence and resilience, coyotes have much to teach us about the capacity to evolve and coexist in the face of rapid ecological and social change.

By changing attitudes toward coyotes, we replace fear and misconceptions with respect and appreciation for all native carnivores as ambassadors for healthy and sustainable ecosystems.

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