How frontline communities are already dealing with the impacts of climate change

A global youth media network producing photo and video documentaries on survival and ingenuity in the face of climate change.

Project Survival Media runs a global documentary program, Solutions 4 Survival, that shines a spotlight on how frontline communities are already dealing with the impacts of climate change, and the solutions they are developing that need to be shared. Learn more

We connect media-makers all over the world with organizations in need of visual media capacity through the Survival Media Agency. This also provides PSM with a revenue source.

We consult with organizations on a visual media strategy that would best support their work.

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Help make sure that the voices of under-represented constituencies and climate solutions leaders all over the world are heard loud and clear.

Publish Your Story!  We are always looking for talented youth media-makers to share compelling climate impact and solutions stories. Get in touch, share your work, or pitch a story.  If your work is a good fit, you may become a regular contributor.

Join Our Media Teams!  We continually launch new S4S media teams, and we also bring a select team to cover Survival at the UN Climate Negotiations. Are you interested? Say hi, share your media & work experience.

Source: Project Survival Media is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Shadia Fayne Wood and Madeline

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We encourage donors to consider making your donation a monthly one as it goes to helping us keep our doors open! However, we are totally appreciative of one time donations as well!

All donations go to supporting powerful visual storytelling on climate change issues.

Special thanks to the Project Survival Media Core Support Team, individuals who contribute at rates of $15 or more monthly, or $2,500 or more annually. These gifts go a long way toward sustaining our youth reporters on the front lines of the climate crisis, allowing us to expand our operations and our impact.

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