Promoting an equitable and sustainable food system in Oakland

The Oakland Food Policy Council is a 21-seat council that studies the Oakland food system and makes recommendations to the City of Oakland on ways to make the system more equitable and sustainable.

The mission of the Oakland Food Policy Council OFPC is to establish an equitable and sustainable food system.


OFPC strives to create an Oakland where:

  • Every Oakland resident is within walking distant to healthy, affordable food
  • Oakland residents from all communities are conscious of the impact of their food choice on their bodies, their families, their communities and the environment
  • Oakland residents are active in food policy development and outcomes
  • The Oakland food system is an engine for local economic development and involves local and regional agricultural communities
  • Food, hunger, and food systems is a permanent part of the City of Oakland’s agenda
  • OFPC is an advisor and contributor on national food policy

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Source: Oakland Food Policy Concil is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Esperanza Pallana

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Oakland Food Policy is an innovative, progressive group of professionals and residents from the food justice, food business, labor, public health, land use planning, education, government, and waste reduction fields have come together to make healthy food available and accessible to every Oakland resident; build a healthy local economy; cultivate a healthy environment; and educate residents so they are equipped to make healthy choices about food and the food system.

We will appreciate your commitment to an equitable and sustainable food system. We look forward to your involvement in our work. Your generosity will enable us to continue to activating the community to gather to address the inequities affecting our health through the powerful tool of policy.

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