Protecting the natural and cultural heritage of Altai

We campaign to stop environmentally-risky development. Help to protect snow leopards, raptors, mountain sheep.

The Greater Altai Ecoregion is of global importance. Within that system, Russia’s Altai Republic is linked with Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia.

With an area of 36,000 sq. miles it is home to just over 200,000 people, comprising ethnic Russians, and indigenous Altaians, Kazakhs, Telengits, Tubalars and other groups.

Altai Republic contains the “Golden Mountains of Altai” UNESCO World Heritage Site, three federal protected areas, more than 120 natural monuments, and a growing number of regional nature parks and reserves.

Remote and wild river valleys, wind-blown steppe, and snow-capped peaks – habitat for snow leopards, argali sheep, and other threatened species – are a rare remnant of intact mountain wilderness.

Our goals are

. Nature and biodiversity conservation, with a particular focus on snow leopard conservation and anti-poaching projects

. Promoting renewable energy and environmentally sustainable design

. Supporting indigenous organizations in their efforts to protect and restore their traditional lands and lifeways

Source: The Altai Project
Director: Jennifer Castner

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Why support Us

Throughout 17+ years of its existence, The Altai Project has constantly refined and adjusted its work to protect nature and strengthen communities in Altai, making changes as the needs of Altai and its people change.

Our project is unique. It is the only non-profit in the US, perhaps in the world, linking nature protection with sustainable living strategies and promoting both these approaches exclusively in the greater Altai region.

We feel The Altai Project plays an important role in Altai’s conservation and long-term sustainable development. Because we are small and dynamic we are flexible to address constantly changing conditions in Russia.

Thanks to our long-term personal contacts in the region, we can leverage our funding by supporting effective nonprofits we know we can trust.

We always coordinate our efforts with the handful of other international nonprofits working in our target region.

Help make it happen!