Rainwater Capture Tank for a sustainable organic orchard

This project it is intended to be an example of environmental sustainability and an example of fun at work in close contact with nature.

Dear Friends,

The aim of this project is to contribute to a more sustainable world. We seek support to plant an organic orchard, productive without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and only using a small amount of water. Clearing out weeds and watering without electricity consumption will be a challenge for such a large orchard. To help in this last aspect we intend to repair and enlarge an old water tank to collect and use rainwater. The terrain is uneven and the water tank is positioned at the top of a hill, so gravity can carry the water down to the trees below without the need for electricity.

Our choice of trees, plum and orange in particular, also helps us produce fruit without the use of pesticides. Plum trees are also resistant to drought.

With this initiative we seek to raise:
300 Euros to buy and plant 50 fruit trees;
1500 Euros for the repair and expansion of the water tank;
200 Euros to put in feeding sites for wildlife and improve the apiary, where we raise bees, who are essential for pollination and subsequent fruit production.

We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to do so. We would love it if you could check it out:


You can contact us through ruiprcar@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to participate in the events related to the project.

Thank you for your attention and contributions to this initiative!

Help make it happen!