Reaching the train station and… smells like mint!

A unique installation at the cadorna station in milan made with Ricola herbs.

Milan is a futuristic and international city, with an eye always focused on innovation. Here, jumping from a meter to an other one to go to work, at cadorna station I found an installation that made me feel immersed into the nature, in fact the13 erbe” fromgiardinoverticale”  by Ricola made me breathe and take calm in the middle of the milanese crowd.

Sustainability Corporate

Ricola prides itself on cultivating herbs from their farms using only natural methods. Chemical products such as insecticides and fertilisers are not used at all. Farms are situated on the Swiss mountains far away from industrial areas to prevent contamination of the herbs.

The popular candy from Switzerland has become a worldwide name with its products in more than 50 countries throughout the globe.

The project, created by ExoMedia/Vidion, was made in collaboration with Ricola to promote green spaces in the city and to allow consumers to see and smell the actual the 13 Ricola herbs they use in their products. Pretty cool, right?

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