Recycling for Kids

The message behind recycling and sustainability needs to be passed down to the younger generation. This is a simple guide on how kids can get involved with recycling and helping out in local communities.


Did you know that recycling helps save the planet from things like global warming and rubbish? That’s right, by recycling things such as food packets and old toys, you are reducing the amount that gets put into the rubbish bin. This is a very good thing because rubbish is full of nasty bugs that spread diseases and gases that increase global warming.

But what is recycling? How are things recycled? And what can you do to get more people to recycle?

Check out this recycling for kids guide to find out more.


To promote awareness of recycling and sustainability to the younger generation.

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It’s vitally important to educate the younger generation on recycling and sustainability. Making children aware of what they can do to help is a great way reinforcing the message and also provides enjoyable activities in the outside environment.

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