Rewarding People Today for Caring about Tomorrow

Alleviate the Disconnection between People and the Environment

Pledge2Sustain is dedicated to strengthening the connection between people and the environment. We’ve set out to do this via our Proud2Care rewards eco system that influences members to shop at participating businesses (the “Good Biz”) by providing a set of benefits and applications that simultaneously reward a business’ commitment to sustaining the environment, and the members eco-friendly activities. Our goal is to ingrain sustainability and eco-friendly choices to people’s daily actions, using the most impactful motivators we know – rewards and recognition.

In simple terms, we partner with fair-trade and other eco-friendly businesses to facilitate access to affordable sustainable brands to everyone. Together with the Good Biz, we engage and reward our members’ commitment to sustaining the environment with exclusive promotions and discounts at the Good Biz, as well as, reward points which can be redeemed for gift cards to be used at any of the sustainable brands we partner with, and recognition in the Proud2Care Eco-hero Leaderboard.

Individuals should Take the Pledge to Sustain to discover great eco-friendly retailers, start earning rewards and getting the recognition they deserve for their eco-friendly activities.

Retailers should Become a Good Biz to engage potential customers who truly care about their eco footprint and grow their brand value.

Any and everyone should check out our Living Sustainably guide for simple eco friendly ideas for home, work, shopping and much more.

Bloggers and media organizations we’d love for you to share our mission with your audience – the greater our network, the greater the difference we make.

Together we will make a BIG impact!



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Why support Us

Who said saving the world can't be simple? Together we will make a big impact everyday in addressing the 17 Sustainable Development goals.

Make a change today – Adopt ideas from our Living Sustainably Guide, Take the Pledge to Sustain, Become a Good Biz or Tell the world about us – they will all help to increase the global daily incidence of eco friendly actions.

Help make it happen!