Save Whales from Ship Strikes

The Project aims to reduce whales strikes from shipping vessels (cargo and goods) as this has become the major threat to whales

The Project started as part of Friend of the Sea awareness activities in Sri Lanka. An in depth scientific study provides evidence that also in the area South of Sri Lanka, shipping lines hit whales to Death possibly 50 per year, leading them to a rapid extinction. Friend of the Sea has already contacted the World Shipping Council and the major 10 shipping companies and requested moving their lanes 15 Miles South, as this could reduce by approx 90% whales mortality. The WSC has taken some 2/3 months to consider this. While we wish to continue and finally convince the companies to change, we are convinced that an International study on all possible areas of problematic whales stikes globally should be carried out, to be able to direct shipping companies towards more sustainable transportation.


Motivate the shipping industry (goods and crusing) to prevent ships from striking whales. First objective: move shipping lanes South of Sri Lanka to prevent striking whales. Possibly create areas to be avoided

Why support Us

Whales populations have been decimated Worldwide by decades of whaling. The new threat for whales Worldwide are huge ships carrying cargo and cruise lines. Lanes often cross whales feeding areas. Shipping companies have only started approaching the issue and without public pressure they are likely to take action very slowly and not in time to prevent extinction of some whales species. The Shipping companies themselves must fund a global research to assess areas of impact between whales and shipping vessels and take immediate action to shift lanes.

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