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Fish farmed by Stolt Sea Farm’s methods are recognised as one of the most healthy, most nutritious and most environmentally friendly food products available.

Sole is one of the most versatile fish for cooking and tastes delicious, whether fried, baked, sautéed or poached.

The name sole is widely used for a variety of flatfish and there are a number of species that are referred to as sole. However, only species of the genus solea are considered to be “true sole”. Although not an endangered species, sole has suffered severe overfishing in certain parts of the world. There are reports of falling fish stocks in European waters, with some fisheries on the verge of collapse.

Stolt Sea Farm produces sole through sustainable farming methods and is committed to further developing its pioneering techniques to help relieve the pressure from the fisheries most at risk.

stolt_health_sole_turbot_fish_2Stolt-Nielsen Limited and its operating units strive to operate in a manner that is safe for both people and the environment.

Their efforts to achieve these goals are supported by a broad range of existing policies and practices, and they are actively engaged in long-term planning to enhance our safety and environmental performance in the future.

Stolt Sea Farm is one of the world’s most advanced high-tech aquaculture companies. They specialise in the production of high quality turbot, sole, sturgeon and caviar. Tha’s whay they are proud to produce healthy foods in an environmentally sound manner.

The successful farming of the premium species they produce requires extensive scientific knowhow, sophisticated technology and highly specialised custom-designed facilities. To achieve their goals, they engage in a process of continuous improvement, driven by substantial ongoing investments in research and development.

Since the founding of Stolt Sea Farm in 1972, they have dedicated ourselves to the advancement of aquaculture as an environmentally sustainable source of healthy food.

Thanks to their flavour, their nutritional values and their versatility in the kitchen, Stolt products are ideal for any situation. Here are a suggestion on how to prepare them.


Crunchy Sole (for kids)

1 sole weighing between 400 and 500 g.
4 large potatoes
2 red onions
1 bag of lamb’s lettuce
1 egg white
50 g. Fried corn
50 g. Peeled nuts
50 g. Pistachio nuts
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper


The potatoes – Peel and cut the potatoes into fine rounds. Finely julienne cut the onions and mix with the potatoes. Season and place on a baking tray. Drizzle with oil and several drops of water and bake in the oven for 45 minutes at 180ºc.

The coating – Grind the nuts to make a coarse flour; you should be able to distinguish the different types of nuts.

The fish – Bone the fish, dry with kitchen towel and coat in beaten egg white and then the ground nuts. Fry in abundant oil and then drain on kitchen towel.

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Their flatfish are only distributed to the very finest stores and restaurants.  Stolt has offices in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States.

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