Stop Foreign Uranium Mining in our water now!

Save our Freshwaters from toxic uranium mining now!

The Issue

The vast freshwater reserves of some of the the largest North American aquifers, spanning across South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota, are URGENTLY THREATENED by the plans of international URANIUM MINING companies seeking to drill unsafe Uranium extraction wells into the ground.

This scientifically unstable and toxic process will leak RADIOACTIVE Uranium, Arsenic, Selenium, Radium and Lead into the aquifers and POLLUTE SURFACE AND GROUND WATERS PERMANENTLY, rendering these waters toxic to all life and a danger to future generations.


After mining, the corporations plan to pump the HIGHLY TOXIC wastewater underground into “deep injection pools”, threatening the interconnected aquifers in the region — the Deadwood, Madison, Minnelusa, and Inyan Kara.
In addition to the toxic pollution of our lands,  the extracted Uranium gets shipped abroad and sold on the foreign market for further unsafe use, mainly in China, Russia and India.


The Clean Water Warriors

The Committee to Protect the Water is based in South Dakota and created by local citizens in response to this CRITICAL ISSUE threatening our water resources. Our purpose is to educate the public and spread awareness about the IMMEDIATE and long-term dangers of these mining activities.

We will not allow corporations profit from pillaging our mineral reserves and sell them to foreign entities who could conceivably create Weapons of Mass Destruction, while simultaneously destroying the precious waters of the Heartland of America.

Now we are committing our time and energy to create solid ways of stopping the destruction of our waters and sustainably protecting this delicate, limited and vital natural resource upon which all our people, ranches and animals depend.

The Solution

To solve this serious issue, we must take strong legal action to permanently protect our waters from new mining operations being licensed.

Right now, we are organizing our amazing team to immediately gather 20,000 local signatures necessary to place an initiative on the ballot for the 2016 elections, so we can PASS A LAW that will permanently protect our waters from irreversible damage.

Please help us raise $50,000 to activate a strong grassroots campaign and fund this important water protection campaign!


This threat is also a historic opportunity for all of us to STAND TOGETHER for something that affects us all equally: OUR WATERS OF LIFE. We – ranchers and townspeople, Native and white, business owners and teachers, parents and grandparents – have been uniting together in this region for many years to protect our precious waters.

Why support Us

There are many ways YOU CAN HELP US achieve our fundraising goal:

1) DONATE whatever amount you can give towards this plan now!

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Help make it happen!