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Fashion meets sustainability, a stylish, convenient and compact reusable bag for life on-the-go

A Trillion ‘single-use plastic’ bags are used each year, world wide that’s nearly 2 million each minute.

Plastic bags are only used for 12 minutes but last for 30-1000 years. By 2050 oceans could contain more plastics than fish. The presence of plastic in the Ocean is a result of living a wasteful lifestyle and a lack of proper waste management methodologies. Plastic bags are unnecessary as there are plenty of alternatives to use instead. This is an easy change that anyone can add to their daily lives to lead an more Ocean-friendly life.

Help save our ocean 1 bag a time

When you starting use an ekobuddy or a reuseful bag, you are contributing to save the ocean, endangered animals and reducing plastic landfill.

We’ve designed the best alternative/replacements to single use plastics to inspire as many shoppers as possible to change their plastic habits and share our passion for an environmentally friendly planet.

Eko is a friendly, reusable shopping bag that is sustainable, stylish and good for the environment. It’s a portable reusable bag created to be the best alternative and replacement to plastic bags. It’s patent pending design, sustainability, revolutionary upcycled material made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles and discarded industrial plastic waste, make Eko buddy the most versatile, eco friendly bag on the market.


How to support Eko

. Pre-order an Eko bag to support our up-cycled purpose project;
. Tell your friends and family about Eko buddy;
. Spread the love and awareness about the plastic problem;
. Choose to refuse, reduce, repurpose and reuse;
. Share our crowding funding page
. Share our videos on social media;
. Please like and follow us on social media;
. Tag @ekobuddyau in any plastic free life moment and when you get      your bag;
. Tag #ekorevolution for any photos on your plastic free living;
. If you like Eko please send us a photo/video of you saying ‘Hi Eko ‘Yes to less plastics’ and your area. This will help us pitch to Woolworth’s, Coles and other major stores to stock Eko bags;
. On Instagram @ekobuddyau

Your help, support and love is welcome!

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Why support Us

We want to get rid of plastic bags starting with Australia by creating a #waveofchange for a ripple effect in conscious shopping consumption habits.

By purchasing and shopping Eko you are doing your part to support recycling plastic waste and bottles that have reached the end of their life, diverting them being landfilled or incinerated. Eko gives them new life as stylish, reusable shopping bags.

Help make it happen!