Support Citizens’ Organizations in the Former Soviet Union

The Center fo Safe Energy organizes US-FSU professional delegations both here and in the FSU on environmental issues such as energy conservation, climate change, waste management and recycling, ecotourism, and civil society.

The Center for Safe Energy (CSE) addresses the most urgent needs of citizen-based organizations in the former Soviet Union (FSU). Since 1989, the Center has actively formed partnerships with environmental citizen groups around energy issues across Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. CSE supports its partners by sending experts to provide technical assistance in the FSU and organizing professional delegations to the US.

What does the Center do? 

. Seeks to phase out reliance upon nuclear energy and fossil fuels by fostering energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy;

. Provides training and grants to potential leaders, particularly women, dealing with environmental, social and economic problems in their communities;

. Raises money from American foundations and individuals in support of independent citizen organizations in the former Soviet Union;

. Focuses on grassroots groups with strong leadership in provincial and rural regions that are isolated from international information and support programs;

. Finds American specialists to donate time and expertise to publications and educational events organized by partners in these countries; and

. Brings activists from the former Soviet Union to the US to work with American counterparts on common issues.

Source:  CSE is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Enid Shreibman

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Why support Us

CSE develops projects that include:

. networking between environmental activists in the former Soviet Union and the US,

. technical exchanges on energy issues, support for renewable energy and energy conservation,

. strategic planning and organizational development for non-governmental organizations,

. training in environmental and civil rights advocacy.

In the Field 2015:

We are organizing 2-way exchange with partners in Rivne, Ukraine on energy efficiency and climate change. CSE will host 3 experts from Ukraine in the Bay Area to meet with their counterparts in the US; and will send 3 US experts to Ukraine to exchange experience on safe energy strategies.

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