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Friends of Muonde supports locally driven efforts to foment creativity and development in the Mazvihwa and neighboring areas of south central Zimbabwe.

The Muonde Trust (a registered charitable body in Zimbabwe) is a community-based organisation dedicated to fomenting locally-driven creativity and development in the Mazvihwa and neighbouring areas of south central Zimbabwe (Zvishavane District). Through locally-driven educational, agricultural and community extension programs, and a healthy dose of action research, we back indigenous development efforts that maintain the connections between spirit, community and ecology. Read about our work and its results here.

Source: Friends of Muonde is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Ken Wilson

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Consider a donation directly in Zimbabwe or donate from outside through the Friends of Muonde, a project of Earth Island Institute, and/or join our mailing list and/or like us on Facebook! And then, of course, you can volunteer.

Why support Us

The Muonde Trust works by seeking out, encouraging and backing indigenous innovation in Mazvihwa. Its heart is a large team of skilled local action researchers and community extension agents who can draw as necessary on the practical skills of outsider researchers and trainers in a structure that is being de-colonized. Programs emerge, grow and evolve depending on what is exciting the community and program participants.

Everything at Muonde is focused on transforming the experience of development from one driven through top-down externally-derived resources and ideas (in which locals are a “target” and exhorted to “participate”) to instead one that people themselves own and that encourages the bottom-up generation and sharing of practical knowledge alongside providing empowering training when needed.

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