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Annual world congress of students in agronomy and food science to tackle THE topic of our future.

IAAS and its Mission

IAAS, International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences, is a student operated worldwide organization that connects students in the field of agriculture and food science. We connect students to make knowledge exchange possible on a global scale. We create a better understanding of new technologies and approaches, globalised processes and recognize emerging challenges. To achieve our goal the annual World Congress is the most important event, where up to one hundred international students visit local research institutes and companies related to agriculture and food science. Enriched with lectures and discussions with experts, participants receive a uniquely important insight to the world outside our universities. We, IAAS, believe that education and the exchange of experience and knowledge is a key factor in building a better future.

The World Congress

The World Congress is our largest and most important event. In addition to the regular knowledge transfer and networking opportunities, our General Assembly (GA) takes place. The participants will represent over 25 different countries. In 2015 several member countries work together to organise a Europe tour. Starting in the Netherlands, the participants will travel over Belgium to Switzerland to end the journey in Italy. During this journey, our 80 international participants will have the unique opportunity to experience Europe from a scientific, entrepreneurial, but also cultural, political and historical perspective. An introduction to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, a visit of the European parliament in Brussels, tours through the visiting cities, company visits and lead discussions about current topics will all be key components during this international conference. Klick on this link to see the program in detail.


If you are a company that considers supporting us, you may want to contact our sponsoring responsible (vppartnership[at] for further information about your possibilities of supporting us with interesting offers in return.

Why support Us

The most challenging point besides organizing the world congress is financing it. We devoted much effort to pursue our financial objectives. Thanks to our great sponsors, we’re close to reach them. Yet, another 10 per cent of the planned financial support is missing. Your support will further eliminate this gap. Prove your generosity and help us realize this World Congress, we will eternally be thankful for your largesse.


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