What are the benefits of hemp for the planet and people?

Hempstead Project Heart uses the power of music and art to raise awareness of the many benefits of hemp for the planet and people.

Hempstead Project Heart’s mission is to create awareness of the many benefits of hemp for the planet and people. Through collaborations, arts and music, we work to elevate public consciousness about hemp as a basis for a healthy green economy.

We are dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental, social, and economic benefits of restoring industrial hemp in America. Since 2012, HPH has partnered with communities, farmers, musicians, green builders, entrepreneurs, students and sustainability organizations across the country to support hemp initiatives, build the hemp green economy and elevate public consciousness about the urgency to return hemp farming to our state and nation.


We are a small grassroots organization that relies on gifts from individuals like you to sustain our work. Please consider a donation to Hempstead Project Heart to help us raise funds for our 2015 budget.

Give a Gift of $30 or more and we’ll send you a beautiful hemp t-shirt that features the John Trudell message of “Think More, Believe Less” with original KNACKA artwork. Your partnership will allow us to continue to spread knowledge about the many benefits of  hemp and provide tools to inspire the new hemp green economy in the USA.

Source: Hempstead Project Heart is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: John Trudell/Faye Brown

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Hemp was a resource our ancestors depended on, intertwined with our evolution as human beings. And, in every stage of this evolution, hemp remained earth compatible. Hemp has always been healthy and non destructive for the earth and our living environment.

Petro-chemicals have been used to replace our relationship to and with hemp. This was done for reasons of economic and political control and profit for the few by the few. This imposed non-renewable toxic petro-chemical dependency depletes.

It is time to re-evaluate our responsibilities and replace the destroying with coherency. The cultivation of industrial hemp as a renewable energy resource can greatly reduce our dependency on petroleum while at the same time provide a practical alternative green economic base. Hemp will support healthy industries and create jobs while helping the sky to breathe and the soil to heal.

Hemp is Earth Medicine — healthy for the earth, the people, the air, the present, the future.

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