The Impact of our Consumption

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When we think about global warming many of us immediately think about cars and industry ruining the planet, but does this tell the whole story? While transportation, including travel by road, sea and air, contributes over 13% of our annual CO2 emissions there is another factor, which we may not initially consider, but which has a bigger impact.

Figures highlighted by Farm Machinery Locator show that there are nearly 8.3 million cows in the UK alone; cattle which provide us with hundreds of thousands of litres of milk and thousands of pounds worth of beef every day. We often assume that agriculture is natural and therefore can’t be damaging to the environment, but that assessment is wrong.

Farm Machinery Locator – Impact of our Consumption

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Check out this interactive infographic which illustrates the sheer reality of the impact of our consumption

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These are ridiculous numbers that only we can reduce. Sustainability must be made more aware to everyone as this graphic highlights the harsh reality of what is actually going on in the world and the damages we are causing.

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