The work and values of barefoot education

Friends of Barefoot College's primary purpose is to expand barefoot education globally

Friends of Barefoot College (FOBC) is a USA-based organization designed to champion the work and values of barefoot education internationally. As developed by Barefoot College in India, barefoot education is is the transformation of rural communities through the empowerment of women. By applying rural wisdom and knowledge, the Barefoot approach demystifies and decentralizes sophisticated technology and believes that formal education is not required for women to bring renewable energy and entrepreneurial activities to their communities. This approach has been proven and tested over 40 years in 72 countries, touching more than 500,000 lives.

Our primary purpose is to expand barefoot education globally. Friends of Barefoot College, USA specifically aims to provide financial support for the development of barefoot education programs (or regional barefoot education centers) throughout the world. Your contribution means funding for global programs such as:

. Barefoot Opens Its First Of Six African Solar Training Centres. Visit them at their new website:

. Barefoot College International Expansion of Regional Vocational Training Centers. Read

. Barefoot Education Programs for Children. Read

. Resilience Building and Response Initiative. Read


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Source: Friends of Barefoot College is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Lauren Remedios

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Join the Barefoot Community as a fundraiser! Then you will be the one to fund a grandmother to be a solar engineer, provide the equipment to electrify her village, supply lanterns, fund a night school or build a water harvesting facility.

Why support Us

Illuminate a village. Send a child to school. Support the next generation of Barefoot teachers, artisans and engineers. Barefoot College creates solutions for village communities inspired by the knowledge, skills and wisdom of the rural poor. You can be a part of these Barefoot solutions with a gift to any of our programs: Solar Electrification, Clean Water, Education, Livelihood Development, and Activism.

Your gift will empower a woman to be an agent of change in her community. It’ll fund training programs for clean water and sanitation, sponsor a Barefoot artisan craftsperson, or empower the transformation of rural, illiterate grandmothers into solar engineers.

Most of all, your support improves the quality of life and creates new opportunities for positive change in rural communities across the globe.


Please check back for updates on the progress of our three main global projects, especially our Clinton Global Initiative Commitment. Visit our website

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