We work to ensure a secure future for the red panda, and the people that depend on its home for survival

The Red Panda Network is committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities.

The Red Panda Network protects wild red pandas and preserves their habitat through the empowerment of local communities by adaptive community-based: Research – Education – Carbon Mitigation – Sustainable Development For example, in eastern Nepal, based on our initial consultations with the local villagers, we created the world’s first community-based monitoring of a red panda population called Project Punde Kundo. In this program we have employed local villagers to monitor their community forests and educate their community forest users about red panda and asked them what they needed in order to preserve their forests. With our other non-profit partners we then support the management and creation of community-based organizations that fulfill theses needs. To date we have supported medicinal plant growing, livestock management and improved breeds and reforestation efforts. We have also promoted local products such as organic tea. Our long-term goal is that community capacity will be reached so we are no longer needed and that the community-based organizations will be run on their own. In order to build and run these organizations, 80% of your donations are used to support and manage these activities around the world. The other 20% goes to support our administrative costs in the United States and Nepal. We thank you for your support in enabling us to make a difference for red panda and the people of eastern Nepal.

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Every penny count in our work to ensure a secure future for red panda and the people that depend on its home for survival. Your generosity supports the conservation of one of the most bio-diverse eco-regions in the world.

While donations are always welcome, you can also volunteer your time for various tasks related to our cause. Your help goes a long way in sustaining the habitat of red pandas in eastern Nepal.

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